1. Forgive us.

    Forgive us for not keeping up with our blog the past several days… We are in the process of transitioning to a wordpress blog rather than staying on tumblr. From what we can tell, there are more options for design. etc.

    Another event that has slowed us down… my poor little husband sliced his thumb with a fresh hand-saw & had to get 7 stitches & a slew of other things done to get that healing process going. I am back to school & back to work as of today. Excuses, excuses. I know.

    We WILL be back. We are learners & trying to make our blog the best it can be for the long-term. Look forward to sharing more about this newlywed life very soon!! 

    Here is a picture of Josh’s finger pre-stitches. We are doing a lot better now! 


  2. First Farmer’s Market

    We walked to the city square near our house this morning to visit the Farmer’s Market, and ended up bringing home more than we thought!

    We saw these great hanging plants that all the vendors at the market were given this morning by the local art center, and thought they’d look great on our front porch!

    Here are the homemade things we ended up with:

    $5 - 2 Petunia Hanging Plants 1 lady sold us hers for $5, and the very kind man at the veggie stand said he’d just give us his for free!

    $0 - 1 green tomato we then offered to buy from the kind veggie stand man, and he said we could have it (as his wedding gift to us, ha!) We’ll be buying more from him…

    $5 - 1 Tequila Sunset Pepper Jelly

    $3 - 1 Cranberry Orange Exfoliant Scrub, 1 Lemon Lavender Bath Salts, and Homemade Lavender Laundry Detergent all for $3!

    TOTAL: $13

    PS - Some dear friends from Nashville are visiting us today, and Chandler runs a great blog on all the fixes and projects their doing to their Nashville home! They’ve been doing some impressive projects for the short time they’ve owned their home! http://allpreciousandpleasant.wordpress.com


  3. I like to ride my bicycle.

    As you know, we’re back from our honeymoon & luckily, get to enjoy two more weeks together free of school, work, or really anything other than each other. It’s a joy. Waking up together, making breakfast together, reading together, making our daily to-do’s together, & just being together (we do realize we won’t always be so fortunate, but why not do everything together while we can, right? : ) )

    As wedding gifts, Josh & I decided to get bikes for each other. If you know us, you know we are not natural athletes… at all, but that wasn’t really our intent. We now live in a small, quiet downtown area & thought it would be so fun to ride our bikes around, whether to take a morning ride to the farmer’s market, for a little date, or just for fun. Here are a few pictures from our morning ride:
    (sweet husband picking some flowers for me)

    Also, after our ride, we came back a little thirsty & threw together a summer drink, which included the following:

    1 sliced lemon

    1 sliced lime

    3 sliced Cuties (small clementines)

    Sweet Tea

    For a wedding gift, we got a drink infuser from Josh’s aunt. We used this to concoct our drink. We actually were completely unsure of how it would taste, but turned out to be just what we wanted on this summer day. Very tasty & fresh!

    Thank y’all for sharing in what we like to think of as a wonderful & blessed life. Can’t wait to share more! 


  4. Party In The USA

    It’s been a beautiful whirlwind these last two weeks. We just got back in the U.S.A. and are happy to be here! Our last season, of being engaged, was a very busy one. We are thrilled, to say the least, to begin our lives together, have some peace and quiet, and share a home! 

     We have been looking forward to having more time to blog on here and we have plenty to catch up on and share… so much more to come!

     Thank you to all our friends and family who came to the wedding! It was such a blast, and a beautiful time of celebration! We can’t wait to do another post here once we have all the pictures back!

     The following photos are from our time over the last couple weeks. 

    1. Wedding @ 74 Ranch, Jasper, GA May 11, 2013 (credit: Tim Harman)image

    2. Fleeing the country to Riviera Maya, Mexico. The land of the lazy…image 

    3 & 4. The view from one of our 3 balconies on the trip.


    5. Hibachi dinner one night at the resort.

    6. A quiet, first morning, reading on our porch together. (Heaven). 


  5. Been workin away getting our little house move in ready. Will have to blog about some fun projects soon! #homesweetlove

  6. We’re finally getting around to posting this video! We got engaged on a very cold, Thanksgiving morning, Nov 22, 2012. 

    Read more about the story, how it was a complete surprise, & check out our engagement shoot @ the wedding page - http://hollieplusjosh.com

    Huge thanks to Christian Driver (video), Tim Harman (photos), Matt Power (bass), & Isaac George (guitar) for making this morning happen.


  7. The Beginning

    Welcome! We’ve decided to start a blog to document and share our adventures as we get married and live a beautiful life together. 

    WE FOUND A HOUSE! (That was one of our main motivations in starting this blog). More on the story behind that and on our built-in-1885 home in our next post. We’ll be sharing everything from home projects, to cooking, love, our garden, dates, adventures, and discovering who we are as a couple, in God. 

    Stay tuned, follow our RSS email feed or Twitter (@homesweetlove) to see when we post! 

    (click “RSS” @ the bottom of this page, check the box “show in inbox” & you’ll receive our posts to your email)


    -Josh & Hollie